Condo Insurance

Condominium Insurance Coverage you can count on
As a condo owner, you’re in a unique situation. You have both individual and common insurance needs. Individually, you need to protect your personal property, and you also need protection from liabilities and additional assessment fees. With your fellow condo owners, you share certain responsibilities, such as building upkeep, as well as common liability. 

Meet Your Unique Needs
Your condo insurance can help protect you against loss from theft, both at home and away, losses for accidents to visitors in your home, and more. If a guest or family member is injured on your stairs, would you be able to pay the medical expenses? If lightning causes damage to the exterior portions of your condominium building, will your association carry enough insurance to repair everything? If a storm causes your condo to be uninhabitable, are you prepared to pay for the additional living expenses? 

I can help you find the right balance between the protection you need both as an individual property owner and as a fellow condo owner.

Coverage Options
Learn the basics of which coverage options protect you and your home, and find out how to enhance your level of protection with Van Noy Insurance Condominum Coverages, including Loss Assesment Coverage and Optional Coverages, as well as the discount and savings opportunities available to you.  Or you can contact us to discuss them over the phone. 

Discounts and Savings
Did you know if your condo building has youth on its side, you could save on your insurance? Learn more about how you could qualify for this and other money-saving discounts.



Tips—What to Look for Before Closing

Condo Insurance

1. Test all appliances.

2. Turn on all water faucets to check water pressure.

3. Adjust the thermostat to make sure heat turns on.

4. Examine the ceilings and walls for spots which might indicate leaks.

5. Look for loose wires and electrical fixtures without covers.

6. Make sure all the doors and cabinets open and close easily.

Source: Office of New York State Attorney General


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