Boat Coverage Options

When you're out on the water, you can feel a great sense of security knowing that you, your family and your boat are protected. We offer a range of regular and extended coverage options* for physical damage, medical emergencies and liabilities that can occur with your boat, both in and out of the water.

Boat Coverage Options

Physical Damage Coverage*
You need protection that goes with your boat when you take it on the road and in the water. That's why our Boat owners Insurance is designed to cover you for a wide range of hazards that can happen while boating, launching or hauling. In fact, it covers your boat, motor and equipment up to your policy limit for just about any hazard that is not specifically excluded from your policy.

  • Coverage for Your Boat, Motor and Boat Equipment: This coverage provides protection for your boat, motor and boat equipment against theft, vandalism, windstorms, hail, lightning, fire and explosions. In addition, you and other authorized drivers of your boat will be protected if one of you accidentally hits a submerged object while driving.

  • Boat Equipment Coverage: With a boat insurance policy, your boating equipment is protected for a value of up to 10% of your boat coverage limit.

Watercraft Liability Coverage*
Liability Coverage protects you in case you or a member of your household accidentally injures another person or damages another person's property. For example, we can cover you if
you accidentally hit a swimmer, your boat collides with and damages another boat, or your boat damages a dock.

  •  Injuries to Others Coverage:  Provides protection if you or a member of your household accidentally injures another person or damages another person's property while boating. 

  • Property Damage Coverage:  Provides you with coverage if you hit and damage a dock, or if your boat collides with and damages another boat.

Medical Payments Coverage*
If there's an injury due to a boating accident, this coverage provides medical protection for you, passengers in your boat, water skiers behind your boat, members of your household and guest passengers, if you are struck by any boat while in the water.

Extended Coverage*
Sometimes you'll want more than basic protection, so we provides five areas of extended coverage for your boat insurance policy. To find out if an extended coverage plan works best for you, contact us.

  • Extended Emergency Coverage: You'll receive additional protection against costly emergency service for your boat and trailer, such as towing your boat to shore or changing a trailer flat tire. You can increase your Emergency Service limits above the $100 policy limit, up to $500.
  • Repair Cost Endorsement: You'll have the option of improving your Physical Damage Coverage to pay for partial losses to your boat and equipment at replacement cost. Repairs for partial losses (not including normal wear and tear) can be made without deduction for depreciation, up to the limits you choose.
  • Coverage for Personal Possessions: You'll receive coverage for your valuable belongings such as fishing and skiing equipment, cameras and portable radios while being used on your boat. These specialized coverage options help give you the protection you need most for your boat, trailer and equipment.
  • Coverage for Your Boat Trailer: This coverage provides protection for your boat trailer against physical damage.
  • Coverage for Additional Boat Equipment: Additional protection for boat equipment is available.

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